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Looking for a Brooks Brothers review or a Brooks Brothers fit guide? This page contains unique detailed garment size information on the full range of Brooks Brothers shirts and the sizes available. The page has more precise shirt sizing information than is currently available on the Brooks Brothers website. You can buy Brooks Brothers direct by clicking on the image below.
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Brooks Brothers review – size charts and fit guide

Brooks Brothers shirts have four different fits and changed their names in January 2015. Following this change, the Regular Fit is now called the Madison, Slim is Regent and Extra Slim is Milano. The Traditional Fit has remained the Traditional Fit. A fit guide describing the different fits is below.

  • Traditional Fit – Brooks Brothers’ widest cut around the chest and waist. It’s the widest available I have found and is much larger than any other brand I have measured.
  • Madison Fit (was called Regular). This shirt is still relatively wide compared to other brands. Compared to the Traditional Fit, it is cut 2.5 inches narrower around the chest and 1.5 inches slimmer through the waist.
  • Regent Fit (was called Slim Fit). Compared to the Traditional Fit, this shirt is 5 inches narrower through chest and 5.5 inches slimmer through the waist. It’s also one inch shorter than the Traditional
  • Milano Fit (was called Extra Slim Fit) is the slimmest Brooks Brothers cut. Compared to the Traditional Fit, this is 8 inches narrower through the chest and 6.5 inches slimmer through the waist. However, if you are looking for even slimmer fits, then try the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit .

Brooks Brothers Fit Guide – Traditional Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Brooks Brothers Fit Guide – Madison Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Brooks Brothers Fit Guide – Regent Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Brooks Brothers Fit Guide – Milano Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Brooks Brothers review – cuffs and collar manufacturing

All shirt manufacturers I know insert an interlining into the cuffs and collars of their shirts to make them more robust. Brooks Brothers are no exception and use semi-fused interlinings, which means that their collars and cuffs have an interlining which is fused with the cotton of the shirt.

As part of the Brooks Brothers review I took apart one of their shirts. The image shows the fused interlining (1). The interlining is separate from the material on the inside of the cuff (2) and fused to the outside (3) of the shirt cuff. This is called semi-fused as the interlining is only fused to the outside. If the interlining was fused to the outside and inside it would be called fully fused.

Brooks Brothers size guide - this image shows a cutaway view of the Brooks Brothers cuff, showing how it's constructedThe image below shows a cross-section of the collar of the same Brooks Brothers shirt. The same construction technique is used: the interlining (1) is separated from and not fused with the back (2), but is fused to the front (3) of the collar.

Brooks Brothers size guide - the image shows a cutaway of the Brooks Brothers collar, showing the construction.Brooks Brothers review – History

When it comes to heritage, few US companies can match Brooks Brothers.  Brooks Brothers is 200 years old, having opened its first store in New York in 1818.  In 1988 Marks and Spencer purchased Brooks Brothers. Three years later Marks and Spencer sold Brooks Brothers to the Retail Brand Alliance.  The Retail Brand Alliance is run by Claudio del Vecchio, an Italian businessman. Today Brooks Brothers has expanded outside the USA and has stores in many countries, including China, France, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Brooks Brothers review – where are the shirts made?

The Garland Shirt Company in Garland, North Carolina, in the US, makes some of the Brooks Brothers shirts. However, others shirts are described as “Imported” on their website and the last two shirts I bought from Brooks Brothers were both made in Malaysia. This article suggests that some Brooks Brothers shirts are made by TAL, which makes one in six of dress shirts sold in the US.  Brooks Brothers shirts are also made by Esquel, which has production facilities in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Brooks Brothers Review - this image shows the label on a Brooks Brothers shirt, showing made in Malaysia.Shirts that fit like Brooks Brothers shirts?

If you are looking for alternative shirts that fit like the Brooks Brothers shirts then the shirt search engine gives more precise results, as the results depend on the precise collar size, but generally:

  • Shirts that fit like the Brooks Brothers Traditional Fit? There is nothing I know of on the market cut as a wide as the Traditional Fit.  It’s just so large.  Often the closest is the Brooks Brothers Madison Fit.
  • Shirts that fit like Brooks Brothers Madison Fit? Try the Paul Fredrick Regular Fit.
  • Shirts that fit like Brooks Brothers Regent Fit? Try the Lands End Tailored Fit.
  • Shirts that fit like Brooks Brothers Milano Fit? Try the Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit.

This image contains the BB brand and takes the reader from the Brooks Brothers review page to the BB siteCan’t find what you’re looking for? Try the shirt search engine to find a shirt that fits you.

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