Dalvey shirts – a detailed review

This page describes Dalvey shirts and all the fits and sizes available. [Disclosure: Dalvey contacted me and sent me two free shirts to try. They don’t have an affiliate programme, so I don’t receive any commission or any financial benefit if you buy a Dalvey shirt.]

Dalvey shirt sizing

I spoke with Neil Grant of Dalvey at length about Dalvey’s history and the design and manufacturing of their shirts. The interview is on my Google plus page here. Neil said that Dalvey shirts are cut to look good on a proportion of men, rather than look mediocre on many men.

Dalvey have recently changed the sizing of their slim fit shirts, making them even slimmer through the waist and chest.  This makes Dalvey one of the slimmest through the chest and waist on the market. More detail on slim shirts is on the skinny fit shirts page and the slim fit shirts page.

Dalvey shirt collars

Dalvey use half-fused collars. This differs from the approach taken by TM Lewin (unfused collars). They think this offers the best mix of flexibility and stiffness. Having compared Dalvey and TM Lewin the results are as expected. Dalvey collars are stiffer than TM Lewin collars.

Dalvey shirts – fits available

There are two different Dalvey fits.

  • The Classic Fit shirts are Dalvey’s wider cut, with a more generous cut around the chest and waist.
  • The Slim Fit cut is Dalvey’s narrower cut. It is around 6 inches slimmer around the chest than the Classic Fit.

In the tables below all measurements are in inches. N/A means this particular cut is not available from this manufacturer. No info means information on this particular measurement is not available from the retailer.

Table 1- Dalvey shirt sizes – Classic Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Table 2- Dalvey shirt sizes – Slim Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the shirt search engine to find a shirt that fits you.

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