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This page describes Emmett shirts, including the different fits available, and gives detailed garment measurements which are no longer available on the Emmett website. You can purchase Emmett shirts by clicking on the image below.

This image shows the Emmett logo and clicking on the link takes the visitor from the Emmett shirts page to the Emmett London website.Emmett shirts – fits available

Emmett has two different fits of formal or dress shirts.

  • The Classic Fit shirts are Emmett’s widest cut around the chest and waist.
  • The Slim Fit cut is narrower around the chest and waist.

In the tables below all measurements are in inches.

Table 1 – Emmett Classic Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Table 2 – Emmett Slim Fit

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)

Shirts that fit like Emmett shirts?

If you are looking for alternative shirts that fit like the Emmett shirts use the shirt search engine but generally:

Emmett – Made to measure

Emmett offer a made to measure service for shirts. I tried Emmett made to measure many years ago and was happy with the service they provided.  I would still be wearing the shirt but I lost weight and it no longer fits me.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the shirt search engine to find a shirt that fits you.

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