GAP shirts sizing

Looking for GAP shirts sizing data? This page contains tables that have information on GAP shirt sizes and the various fits available. You can purchase GAP shirts direct by clicking on the links below.

GAP shirts sizing

Gap shirts sizing – fits available

There is a limited range of GAP formal/dress shirts in the US and the only cut and the size information I could find is in the table below. They don’t give actual chest measurements, but when I get that information I’ll update this page. I’ve measured Banana Republic shirts and the more detailed information on those shirts is here. All measurements are in inches.

Table 1 – Gap shirt sizing information

GAP SizeCollar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (To Fit Measurement)Waist Size (To Fit Measurement)
Extra Small13.5-1431.534-36No Info.
Small14-14.532.536-38No Info.
Medium15-15.533.539-41No Info.
Large16-16.534.542-44No Info.
Extra Large17-17.535.545-47No Info.
Extra Extra Large18-18.536.548-50No Info.
Extra Extra Extra Large19-19.537.551-53No Info.

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