Voucher codes and other sales information

Voucher codes and other promo codes. Updated June 19th

The information below gives the latest on TM Lewin voucher codes, Charles Tyrwhitt sales and other shirt retailers’ discounts and promo codes. This list contains information on Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt, Marks and Spencer, Savile Row Company, Thomas Pink and TM Lewin. You can also follow Shirtdetective on Twitter to get the latest updates.

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Charles Tyrwhitt UKCharles Tyrwhitt USHawes and CurtisJos A Bank
Charles TyrwhittCharles TyrwhittHawes and CurtisJos A Bank
Lands EndMarks and SpencerPaul FredrickSavile Row Company
Lands EndMarks and SpencerPaul FredrickSavile Row Company
Thomas Pink UKThomas Pink USTM Lewin UKTM Lewin US
Thomas Pink.Thomas Pink.TM LewinTM Lewin

Current codes and vouchers

Paul Fredrick are offering 10% off their summer sale. with the code UW1JLS.  Code valid from June 19th to July 4th.

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