Last updated: Thursday, July 11, 2019
The ShirtHelper
Below is a search engine which will help you find a shirt that fits you. It’s based on data I have collected on many different brands, including Brooks Brothers, Charles Tyrwhitt, Express, Kamakura, TM Lewin and Uniqlo. It works as follows:
Step 1 – Select your Neck Size by moving the dark blue selector.
Step 2 – Select your Arm Length by moving the dark blue selector.
Step 3 – Choose among the different shirts based on chest size and waist size.
The left side of the grey bars in the chart tell you the waist size, the right side tells you the chest size. Longer bars are shirts with more of a “drop” as the chest size is much larger than the waist size.  All sizes are inches.  For a relatively tight fitting shirt you will want i)  the garment chest measurement four inches more than your chest body measurement and ii) the garment waist measurement three inches more than your waist body measurement.  For more detail on measuring yourself see the measuring guide.

Step 1 : Neck Size (inches)

Step 2 : Arm Length (inches)

Results: Waist (left side of bar) & Chest (right side of bar)

Grant Slim Fit
36 inches
38 inches
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