Standard Shirts

This page covers Standard Shirts and the different sizes available. [Disclosure: Standard Shirt contacted me and sent me a shirt to try. They don’t have an affiliate program, so I don’t receive any commission or any financial benefit if you buy one of their shirts.] I spoke with Sung Jo of Standard Shirt about the company and their plans. The interview is on the Google plus page here.

Standard shirts – fits available

Standard Shirts are one of the few retailers who offer quarter inch collar sizes with the 15.75 inch collar. They only have one fit at the moment – a slim fit, and one colour – white. The Standard Shirts cut is a little wider than the Brooks Brothers Milano Fit in the chest, but slimmer through the waist.

In the table below all measurements are in inches. The difference between your chest measurement and garment chest measurement should be four inches if you want to  a relatively tight fitting shirt.  Add five inches for a more typical fit and six inches for a more relaxed comfortable fit.

Standard Shirt sizes

Collar SizeSleeve LengthsChest Size (Garment Measurement)Waist Size (Garment Measurement)
15.031.75 and 33.3No info.No info.
15.533.75 and 35.54439.5
15.7534 and 35.545.541
1635 and 36.54742.5
16.535 and 36.54944
1735.25 and 36.7No info.No info.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the shirt search engine to find a shirt that fits you.

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