This page has an Apposta shirt fit guide and describes all the fits and sizes available. In addition to their standard sizes, Apposta offers made-to-measure at no extra cost. I spoke with Gianluca Mei, a co-founder of Apposta, about the company’s history and the design and manufacturing of their shirts. The interview is at the bottom of the page.  Apposta shirts can be purchased by clicking on the image below.

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Apposta shirt fit guide – shirts available

In addition to their bespoke shirt sizes, Apposta offer five standard shirt cuts.

  • The Regular Fit is a generous cut offered by Apposta. The chest sizing and the tapering to the waist means its similar to the Classic Fit offered by other brands like Hawes and Curtis.
  • The Regular Close Fit.  Apposta describe this as “the best choice for those who do not want to risk a slim-fit, but who would still like a lean fit around the torso and waist.”  It’s typically half an inch (one centimeter), slimmer than the Regular Fit through the chest and waist.
  • The Comfortable Fit.  A more tapered fit. It has a larger chest size than the Regular Fit, but a smaller waist, so would be suitable for those who work out in the gym and want a relatively tight fit at the waist.
  • Slim Fitting. Designed for those want a close fitting shirt and/or who want a close fitting shirt. Apposta recommend using stretch fabrics with their slim fitting designs.
  • Slim Tight Fitting. Exclusively available in stretch fabrics and only recommended for those who have a slight figure.

In the tables below all measurements are in inches.

Table 1 – Apposta shirt sizes – Regular Fit

Collar SizeSleeve Lengths AvailableChest Size - Garment MeasurementWaist Size - Garment Measurement

Table 2 – Apposta shirt sizes – Regular Close Fit

Collar SizeSleeve Lengths AvailableChest Size - Garment MeasurementWaist Size - Garment Measurement

Table 3 – Apposta shirt sizes – Comfortable Fit

Collar SizeSleeve Lengths AvailableChest Size - Garment MeasurementWaist Size - Garment Measurement

Table 4 – Apposta shirt sizes – Slim Fit

Collar SizeSleeve Lengths AvailableChest Size - Garment MeasurementWaist Size - Garment Measurement

Table 5 – Apposta shirt sizes – Slim Tight Fit

Collar SizeSleeve Lengths AvailableChest Size - Garment MeasurementWaist Size - Garment Measurement

Interview with Gianluca Mei from Apposta

Shirtdetective[SD]: Thanks for doing the interview. Could you start by giving me the background to Apposta?

Gianluca Mei [GM]: I’m a co-founder of the company, which used to be called Neronote. We changed the name to Apposta when rebranding the company. Apposta is easier to say and more consistent in different languages. My personal focus is on the digital side of the business.

SD: And Gianmarco Taccalitti?

GM: He’s the other co-founder. He’s the fourth generation of a family which has worked in the shirt industry for over 100 years.

SD: Is he related to the Camiceria Giovanni Taccaliti business? I saw they have a website, but you can’t buy online. Do they have a shop in Ancona in Italy?

GM: Yes. That’s the family business. They only make shirts in Ancona and supply shirts to retailers.

SD: And the Apposta shirts are made in Ancona too?

GM: Yes. All the Apposta shirts, including the bespoke shirts are made in Ancona.

SD: And could you tell the readers what happens when a customer orders a shirt from Apposta?

GM: The customer orders over the website and the first step is for us to order the relevant fabrics from our suppliers. We don’t keep fabric in stock, but instead have very close relationships with our fabric suppliers, who can deliver to us quickly. We then cut the shirt in our factory. All the cutting is fully automated, which results in a more accurate cut than hand cutting. While pictures of men with chalk and scissors are romantic images, the automated cutting system is faster and better. The shirt is then put together and we then send the shirt out within two weeks.

While we have a large range of different options we also receive specific requests from customers which we try to fulfil. For example, one customer had seen a shirt worn by Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2 with a specific rounded collar. He wanted us to make a similar shirt. From the pictures we were able to recreate the shirt for him.

SD: On the website you highlight your links with fabric suppliers, including Albini, Thomas Mason and Soktas.

GM: Yes. Those companies supply us with the fabrics we use for the shirts. Importantly, we also have close logistical links with those companies so they can send the fabric to us quickly when we receive an order.

SD: I noticed you used Soktas for your non-iron shirts. Is that a formaldehyde treatment or liquid ammonia treatment?

GM: Yes. We use Soktas for non-iron and they use a liquid ammonia treatment. Compared to formaldehyde the liquid ammonia treatment gives the shirt a more natural feel. We also use Thomas Mason Journey fabrics for our crease free collection. They use extra long staple cotton and thanks to the characteristic of performance, it makes it crease-free.

SD: As well as the bespoke, you also do standard sizing. How did you go about deciding on the sizes for your cuts like the Regular Fitting and Regular Close Fitting?

GM: Those are based on our industry knowledge. There is a specific role, which is called a modellista in Italian. The role of that person is to create the relevant sizes across different fits and collar sizes.

SD: In other brands there has been a shift towards to slimmer and slimmer shirts. For example, Charles Tyrwhitt brought in the Super Slim Fit, which is a tighter fit than their Extra Slim Fit. Is that something you have seen with your customers?

GM: Not really. Our aim is to focus on the customer and provide them an excellent service, rather than follow trends in the industry. We also think its important to keep sizing consistent. If a customer purchased a Regular fitting shirt last year and that size changes, then you can upset customers who want to buy the same size this year.

SD: Do customers typically order a bespoke size or the go with standard sizing?

GM: Around 70% of customers use the bespoke offer. We also offer customers a service in London where they can be measured and see the different fabrics before ordering their shirts.

SD: Is that done at your Moorgate offices?

GM: Yes, customers can come here.

SD: Do you have any plans to open a shop to raise awareness of the brand?

GM: No. We’re a digital brand and our focus is on the digital offer and improving brand awareness online.

SD: And who do you see as your competitors? I’m not aware of any other companies that offer a similar service in the UK.

GM: We don’t have any competitors offering this type of service in Europe. We think we offer the best combination, with quality to second to none at prices that are lower than high street prices and delivery within two weeks. There is no-one else who can match that. And if customers are unhappy with the shirt they receive we assume all the responsibility for resolving problems at no extra charge to the customers.

SD: Thanks for your time. I hope the business goes well.