Privacy and Cookies

The information covers the GDPR and explains how this site uses cookies.


I don’t collect any personally identifiable information on this site. I don’t know who the visitors are, nor collect any email addresses. Consequently, the GDPR legislation doesn’t apply me. Some of the partners I work with make collect data through cookies and there is more detail on that below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files stored on computers by some web pages. None of the cookies used on this website store personally identifiable information. For example, I don’t receive any data on the names of the individuals who visit this site. I use three types of cookies on this website.

  • Google Analytics.
  • Affiliate Links.
  • Social media.

Google Analytics

These collect information on traffic to the site, including  the number of visitors and which search terms were used to find the site.

Affiliate Links

This site contains affiliate links from companies like Affiliate Window and Skimlinks to track when visitors leave this site and go to shirt sites If you purchase something from these sites I may obtain a commission.

Social Media

If you don’t use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook then you don’t need to worry about these cookies.  These cookies allow users of these social media sites to share the content on this site.  This site contains cookies for sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  You can learn more about Facebook’s use of cookies here and Twitter’s privacy policy here.

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