Site Suggestions

On this page I have some suggestions to other sites I have found on the web which might have useful information for you.

Just a Guy Thing

Just a Guy Thing  is a great site and fashion is just one of the topics they cover. They also cover entertainment, style, gadgets and dating. In the fashion section I like their focus on looking sharp without breaking the bank. As they say, they want to dress smart, but don’t want to pay $800 for a pair of trainers (should that be sneakers?). 

There is a great article explaining the difference between Made to Measure and Full Custom suits and I particularly enjoyed their article covering some good news stories from around the world, which is always welcome in these troubling times.

Misiu Academy

Misiu Academy is to give practical advice to men on how to make clothing choices that will positively affect their lives and careers. There is some good information on shirts and the writer, Konstantinos Mandilaris is, like me, a firm believer that fit is the most important aspect of any clothes.  The site is particularly good for information on dress shoes and it’s clear that the owner has a detailed interest in shoes. Those Norman Vilalta boots in his Luxury Shoe Guide look amazing but are, unfortunately, outside my price range.

Eclipse Magazine

Eclipse Magazine covers the social side of horse racing in the UK. The men’s fashion pages have regular updates on what’s new and available from the different retailers. The most helpful for me was the Dapper Dress Guide for Royal Ascot. My wife and I went to Ascot this year and it was helpful to know where I could rent an outfit for the event if we decided to go in the Royal Enclosure.

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